Mobile Device Management

With the rapid adoption of mobile technology, many companies are struggling to find a way to incorporate these devices into their workflow. Each client has different needs and MacSpecialist is here to offer solutions.

We specialize in helping your company or educational institution to deploy and managing these devices. We offer solutions that allow you to feel secure with your staff using mobile technology, in and outside your network. From iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets, and Black Berry, we can help you.


  • Able to integrate iOS devices in to corporate, education, and small businesses
  • Can use local strategies such as central sync and cart based sync stations
  • Can manage using MDM servers including Lion Server’s profile manager, Casper Suite from JAMF Software, and many others
  • Can work with a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync server for management
  • Remote MDM services and administration available.
  • Complete Solutions from mobile device sales to full featured services
  • Custom App Development
  • Expertise on all certificates needed, including the Apple Push notification certificate, code signing certificates, and enrollment certificates


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