Apple Certified Macintosh Technician

5 Days – $2800*

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Students should have a minimum of 1-3 months of hands-on experience with OS X.


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Chicago Metro (Oak Park)


  • May 12-16, 2014
  • June 23-27, 2014
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This 5-day class teaches you how to identify and resolve issues with Apple desktop and portable computers. You will learn Apple hardware specifications, troubleshooting techniques, component isolation steps, take-apart procedures, and general service guidelines and resources: everything you need to diagnose and repair Apple computers.

We combine lecture, demonstration, and hands-on lab exercises to prepare you for certification as Apple hardware service technicians.

Full hardware service certification requires passing two (2) certification exams — hardware and OS X. If you’d like to take both exams during this class, please call MacSpecialist to register. If you would like to register for the OS X class specifically geared to service technicians, check this class description: MacsvcOS: OS X Troubleshooting for Technicians.

ACMT certification by itself does not authorize a technician to perform repairs on Apple products. Information on becoming authorized for servicing Apple products can be found at:


Who Should Attend
  • People interested in becoming Apple Certified Technicians
  • Service technicians who want to expand their service repair skills
  • Help desk personnel at schools and businesses
  • Mac consultants


Certification Track

Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) certification verifies the ability to perform basic troubleshooting and repair of both desktop and laptop Macintosh systems, such as iMac and MacBook Pro. ACMT certification exams emphasize identifying and resolving common OS X problems, and using Apple Service and Support products and practices to effectively repair Apple hardware. (The ACMT certification does NOT cover iOS device repair.)

* Class price includes one certification exam.

Course Outline

Basic Computer Theory & Terms Underlying Technologies


Hardware Tools


Power Management

Troubleshooting Theory

ESD Precautions

Component Isolation


Technician Safety

Hardware Service Issues

Wireless Networking

Apple Ethics

Hardware Maintenance

Identifying Accidental Damage

Product Labs/Take-aparts

Exam Review