First Steps: Seminars, Workshops, 1-on-1


MacSpecialist loves being your one-stop solution for everything Apple.



Seminars are short format, lecture-based training sessions and are 100% free! You are encouraged to bring your own computer or device to follow along.  A seminar calendar is available in the menu to the right and in our store.  Our goal is to be a source of knowledge and help for our fellows in the Apple community.  Seminars are typically 50 minutes long and lecture based.  There is no appointment necessary; when you see something you like, drop in and let us know you are here to participate.


1-ON-1 Training

Receive directed training to become a Mac power user with your own personal trainer. Experienced and patient Specialists with years of Apple knowledge will help you learn OS X, iLife, iWork, iPad, iPhone, iPod and more in a quiet environment far from the sales floor.  Appointments are can be made through the 1-ON-1 training tab on the left hand menu.  Let’s work together to develop a training program to achieve your technological goals! $69/hour for basic content. $150/hour for advanced topics.

Getting Started with iPhone / iPad


Join MacSpecialist as we introduce new users and those thinking of switching to Apple’s latest generation iPhone: The iPhone 5! Participants will learn basic controls, how to change settings and to perform actions such as messaging, downloading applications and syncing with their computer. This is a MUST for those brand new to the iPhone or those curious about how to use this magnificent piece of technology.

*This seminar is a presentation. Users will be able to observe instructors as they use the technology via an overhead projector but are encouraged to bring their own phone to follow along. Question and answer session will follow.

Getting Started with Mac


New to Mac or thinking of switching? Join MacSpecialist in this seminar providing a comprehensive introduction to Mac’s newest operating system: Mountain Lion. Learn to navigate and customize your computer, utilizing all of the amazing features of Apple’s most user friendly operating system yet.

Getting Started with iCloud


In this seminar, participants learn about the newest feature available for Apple devices- iCloud. Common concerns will be addressed such as software requirements, features and the use of Apple IDs. Participants attending this seminar will gain a full understanding of iCloud’s features and benefits.

iMovie for Beginners


This introductory seminar will get you going in iMovie! Bring your own project or look on as we work on one of ours. Learn to import and edit your clips and photos, apply audio clips and effects and make a trailer in this one hour, free seminar.


Exploring the App Store


This is a great class for those new to iTunes and the App store. In this class students will learn the basics of using the iTunes/App store on their computer and on their iOS device. Students will lean how to navigate, find, and download content that they are interested in and set up automatic downloads between their devices.

  • Thinking about making the switch? 
  • Schedule a training session to learn before you buy!
  • Need help perfecting a presentation?
  • Schedule a 1-ON-1 to fine tune your Keynote skills.
  • Already comfortable with your Apple products?
  • Come in and learn those tips and tricks to transform yourself into a super user.
  • Confused about iCloud?
  • Get it working on all your devices.
  • Time for a new Mac?
  • Every new computer purchase comes with a complimentary 1-ON-1 session.
  • Already a master of iPhoto or iMovie?
  • Try Apple’s Pro Applications Aperture and Final Cut Pro before you upgrade.

Let MacSpecialist provide your one-on-one training for OS X, iLife and iWork apps, and other beginner topics. Get more out of your computer by picking up some new skill sets and becoming your own Mac specialist!